Mouthwash for dogs and cats(300 ml)

Mouthwash for dogs and cats

Additive for the drinking water of dogs and cats to maintain oral and dental hygiene. This product is very effective if used on a daily basis and prevents the appearance of dental plaque and tartar formation preventing periodontal diseases. Likewise, it combats halitosis and provides a healthy and fresh breath. Exclusive formula without odor or color that does not alter the properties of drinking water. Does not contain Xylitol.

Use on animals that already have an adult dentition. Dilute daily in drinking water. Use the cap included in the container to administer the correct amount of product. Replace the drinking water every 24 hours even if all the water has not been consumed.
- Dogs and cats <10 Kg: 5ml (1 cap)
- Dogs 10-25 Kg: 10ml (2 caps)
- Dogs >25 Kg: 15ml (3 caps)

11,62 € Tax included
9,60 € Tax excluded
300 ml