Anti insects wipes 24 units()

Anti insects wipes 24 units


Contain Margosa, geraniol and lavandin, insecticides and natural repellents that protect and repel from the parasitic insects and flying insect bites in dogs, cats, rodents, rabbits and ferrets.

These wipes increase the protection against insects in the body of other products with these ingredients such as necklaces, pipettes and spray. Because of its natural components they have no contraindications or side effects and can be used frequently.

Highly recommended for use in puppies, kittens and also in convalescent, pregnant and lactating animals.

No alcohol and are formulated without parabens

Instructions for use :

Each envelope contains 24 wipes of great strength and size

Apply the wipe directly on the body and the hair so that its content permeates the fur and penetrates the skin


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