In fulfilment of that presented in the Organic Law 15/99 from December 13th for the Protection of Information of Personal Character, all of our users are informed that: The website is the property of LABORATORIES BILPER, S.L. By means of this notice, LABORATORIOS BILPER, S.L. informs its web site users about their Protection Policy for Information of personal character so that the users can freely and willingly decide if they desire to provide LABORATORIOS BILPER, S.L. with their personal information that they are required to provide or that may be obtained from the users as a result of a subscription or signing up for any of the services offered by LABORATORIOS BILPER, S.L. through its web site. Certain services provided on the LABORATORIOS BILPER,S.L. web site may contain special conditions with specific precautions for matters of the protection of Personal Information.


The information provided will be collected in a client data base, the purpose of this file is to make the processing of orders easier and, where applicable, and when we have been expressly authorized by the corresponding check box, we will also send the client commercial communications regarding any products and services that may be in their interest, therefore it may be communicated to other business from within the Group with this goal in mind. When a user decides to register in our Database they will be strictly asked for the necessary information to attain the purpose for which our website is being used. Nevertheless, the users will be required to provide information of personal character such as: name, address, telephone, email and Tax Id / Company Tax ID. The processing of this information will be solely focused on completing the desired goals, always within the established frame of norms. At the time that the information is accepted, the user will give their consent to the processing of them, such as, when applicable, the providing of information to third parties to fulfill a service. The clients of LABORATORIOS BILPER, S.L. will be able to, at any time, exercise their rights to access, correct, cancel and unsubscribe from these services by communication by email to or in writing to LABORATORIOS BILPER, S.L., Pinoa, 17, 48170 Zamudio, Vizcaya.


Personal information collected will be the object of automatic processing and automatically assigned to the corresponding file at LABORATORIOS BILPER, S.L., with the user being responsible for their own file. For this purpose, LABORATORIOS BILPER, S.L., will provide the users with the adequate technical resources so that, as previously seen, they can access this warning regarding the Protection Policy of Information or of any other relevant information and they can give their consent to LABORATORIOS BILPER, S.L. for the purpose of proceeding with the automatic processing of their personal information.


The collection and automatic processing of personal information is for the purpose of maintaining a contractual relationship, where applicable, with LABORATORIOS BILPER, S.L., for the management, administration, lending, extending and improving their services of which the user has decided to sign up, register for, or use the adaptation of said services as per the preferences and likes of the users, the study of the use of services by the users, the design of new related services, the sending of service updates, the delivery, by traditional and electronic means, of technical, operative and commercial information regarding the products and services offered by or by means of LABORATORIOS BILPER, S.L. both currently and in the future. The purpose of collecting and the automatic processing of personal information also includes the sending of survey forms, of which the user is not obligated to fill out.


When users registers on the web site, they will be asked to provide LABORATORIOS BILPER, S.L. with certain information that will include, among other things, a valid email address. In addition to the terms and conditions that may be established in the future by any private policy of this web site, the user recognizes and accepts that LABORATORIOS BILPER, S.L. can disclose to third parties, anonymously, certain groupings of information that is contained in their registration request. LABORATORIOS BILPER, S.L. will not reveal the name, email address, telephone number or any other information or personal character to third parties without previous consent, except when if falls within the measures that may be necessary to fulfill the law or prevailing legal proceedings where such information is relevant or in the case that the transfer of information of personal character to third parties, based on the preferences that the user indicated when registering, or at any other point afterwards; such offers may be given by LABORATORIOS BILPER, S.L. or by third parties. It is recommended that the user not provide, to any third parties, their client identification number, password or reference numbers that, where applicable, LABORATORIOS BILPER, S.L. provides. In addition, to guarantee the protection of professional secrecy between LABORATORIOS BILPER, S.L. and their users, all communication will be saved, the users should make sure to not reveal their confidential information to any third parties except to their Lawyer, and vice versa.


Due to legal reasons, LABORATORIOS BILPER, S.L. will be able and should provide such information that is required by the competent authorities and in conformity to Spanish law, where applicable, by providing a legal order, which may only be given when a judge has a strong suspicion that a user has been involved in illegal activities. Under this assumption, and with the intent of cooperating with the justice process, LABORATORIOS BILPER, S.L. can record and later provide to the police, under the presentation of a legally necessary judicial order, information relating to the IP address that identifies the connection of the user, such as the exact time of use, names of the user and passwords, among other information. In any situation, the IP addresses and times of connectivity will be recorded only for those services where there is suspicion that any user may have acted illegally at that time.


LABORATORIOS BILPER, S.L. reserves the right to modify the present policy in order to adapt it to new legislation or case laws, such as industry practices. Under these assumptions, LABORATORIOS BILPER, S.L. will notify of the changes added, on this website, and with reasonable notification of being placed into effect.

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